ABOUT FH - FH International


Entrepreneurial vision, expertise and innovation. These are the words that describe FH, a technology company specialized in business processes and software. Founded in 1999 by two entrepreneurs newly graduated in Electrical Engineering by CEFET-PR, Ricardo Fachin and Fábio Hauagge, FH preserves the innovative and proactive spirit of its founders and aims to bring digital transformation to all its customers.

FH’s essence is combining strategy and assertiveness. Always overcoming challenges, the company was elected by customers as one of the four best SAP partners in Brazil. FH was awarded by Asug Impact Awards, which recognizes the best projects in the SAP world, eight times. It has also been chosen by SAP as the best partner for implementation of SAP S/4HANA and SAP C/4HANA.

About Us

FH is a technology company specialized in business processes and software. Since 1999 in the market, the company operates globally, with projects performed in more than 30 countries in several industry sectors.


With a robust structure and more than 650 collaborators, FH ensures the delivery of customized projects to its customers, therefore, it operates regionally, with six units located in: Curitiba, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Joinville, Rio de Janeiro and Goiânia.

FH Board

Meet the directors and vice-presidents who are part of Board of directors and Board of officers from FH, responsible for managing the company’s main business areas.


FH’s global presence is one of the factors that ensures our successful projects. FH operates focused on proximity to its customers and strengthening this relationship. Therefore, the company has offices in six cities in Brazil, as well as projects in more than 30 countries.


FH has, in its essence, to constantly seek the improvement of its professionals as well as the products and services offered to its clients.


Since its foundation, FH has been recognized by the market and specialized entities for the quality of services provided to its customers.

Research and Development

FH’s Research and Development Center is focused on finding innovative solutions that increase our customers’ competitive advantage, using technology to simplify business and optimizing processes that improve people’s lives.


Through partnerships with universities and development entities, FH combines academic knowledge with the reality of business processes. Products and services offered exclusively by FH, such as the GUEPARDO Tax Solution, Flieger Commerce and Camaleo, are results of the area’s pioneering work, which is constantly evolving.

Market Research

FH is well recognized in important international research, being highlighted in the main rankings of its market.


Concern with sustainability, in its three pillars – environmental, social and economic responsibility – is considered a strategic factor for FH’s growth. The company’s actions are based on constantly seeking alternative practices when providing services, which don’t harm the environment and that are in accordance with social responsibility precepts.