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Success Story – Cia. Hering implements SAP Hybris with FH

Posted in July 21, 2017 by FH

Cia. Hering has built a history of permanent innovation for over a century. Founded in 1880, the company has reinvented itself and kept pace with the evolution of society, dressing generation after generation. With stores in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, as well as exporting to other countries, the company has four brands in its portfolio – Hering, Hering Kids, PUC and Dzarm – that launch six collections a year, in addition to the company brands’ outlet, Hering Space.


Entrepreneurship and innovation are part of the success story of Cia. Hering. Success depends on the performance of its network, formed by partnerships that share resources and expertise, enabling the company to guide the strategies for its essential competencies. Thus, all the links of this chain are stronger. The retail industry follows technological innovations, so when Cia. Hering realized the automation and performance challenges in their existing e-commerce platform, they sought the SAP Hybris Commerce solution to support its projected growth strategy for the coming years.


This project was considered a success story because it set a world record for shortest implementation time of SAP Hybris with ERP integration, as only 13 weeks were required for the first Go Live (Dzarm brand). From the moment the e-commerce went live, Cia. Hering increased significantly its sales volume and the number of registered users on the site. Due to the implemented features and the e-commerce success, Cia. Hering managed to increase its portfolio from three to four brands (Hering, Hering Kids, PUC e Dzarm), launching four cycles in each collection, totaling 20 full updates per year for the four brands.




Right to left: Rubem Sérgio Pacheco Razões – E-Commerce Commercial Manager, Wilmar Lima, Paulo Gallucci and André Reis da FH.

We are grateful for the partnership with Cia. Hering, especially Rubem Sérgio Pacheco Razões, Cia Hering’s E-Commerce Commercial Manager, who competes among the finalists for the 2017 E-Commerce Brazil Innovation Award, which takes place since 2011, being The most important in terms of recognition of e-commerce professionals. Since 2015, in addition to the professional, the Award also recognizes the most innovative stores and suppliers in the market.

This is one more case of success that FH is proud to have participated!

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