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FH has its expertise threefold recognized by SAP!

Posted in December 5, 2017 by FH

SAP Partner since 2007, FH is always looking for a deep understanding of the needs of customers to implement the best business solutions based on information technology, guaranteeing the return of investments and so every day seeks to specialize more and rely on the best professionals in the SAP market.

Even with 17 years of market and 10 of partnership with the German giant, the search for continuous improvement is incessant and daily in FH and one of the results that this constant search brought to the company was one of the biggest symbols of recognition that an SAP partner can receive, which is the SAP Recognized Expertise seal. Currently FH has three of them:





In order to obtain these seals, FH had to prove its specialization, quality level of projects already implemented and meet a series of strict requirements requested by SAP. With this triple certification the company stands out even more in the market and proves its expertise in e-commerce, high-performance CRM solutions and in building the architecture of an ERP project in Core Digital SAP!

If your business needs high performance solutions in ERP, Commerce or CRM, count on an expert who is SAP Gold Partner and was considered by SAP itself as Best Partner. Count on FH!