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Special Interview with Mr. Ricardo Fachin, FH’s CEO

Posted in May 7, 2018 by FH

FH’s CEO, Mr. Ricardo Fachin, in an exclusive interview, provided valuable insights to both the business process and software market, and to professionals who want to endeavor on the technology sector, and those who want to work in it, such as our consultants! Fachin has managed to make tangible the core of FH, its products, services and benefits they provide to customers, as well as the company’s future investments and an advice to those who are entering this market and seeking to succeed. Check out the full interview!

Mr. Fachin, can you give us an overview of FH?

F – Well, since 1999, our company is specialized in business and software process and tally up 220 active customers, 500 employers in six headquarters situated in Brazil – Curitiba, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Joinville, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. Our projects are developed in more than 30 countries in several industries areas such as retail, manufacture, fashion, utilities, energy, finance, chemistry, agroindustry and public administration. With three business lines: Services, organized in Consulting, Technology and Fiscal sectors, dedicated to sell and to implement SAP projects, omnichannel projects with SAP Hybris like e-commerce, marketing, billing, sales and services and fiscal projects; Outsourcing – online support 24/7 – and Software – GUEPARDO Fiscal Solution and Camaleo, a platform with global relevance for solutions development.

What inspired you to start the company?

F – I’m an Electrical Engineering graduate by the Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR), in Brazil. I was 24 years old when, along with my friend Fabio Hauagge, we decided to found FH. After our degree, in December 1999, we realized that in Paraná didn’t have a IT company with personalized services and high level of quality and technic. At this time, me and Hauagge were trainees in a German company. Our customers trusted our work, at this moment I understood if we opened a company it would improve the market and we would have no limits for business growth, it was just up to us and our endeavor. Those were my desires at the time.

How FH is satisfying the needs of different clients? And, how FH is better than its competitors?

F – We believe that being a reference in technology is having global presence and at the same time offering local solutions. That’s how we grew up here and abroad, with offices out there and services provided to more than 30 countries. The FH client knows that we are one of the most qualified SAP partners in Brazil. In 2016, FH was recognized as the best partner of Brazilian SAP in some categories like SAP S/4HANA, SAP Hybris and VAR-GB. In 2017, the company also received a SAP Recognized Expertise hallmark for SAP S/4HANA, Hybris Commerce and Cloud for Customer. This amount of acknowledgment gives support to FH’s expertise, such as the omnichannel projects and the most modern SAP ERP applications.

What are the major factors behind the success of FH?

F – The success is a result of a serious and constant work, a team of highly qualified consultants that are committed to the best delivery for each project and customer reality. We invest in people; it makes a huge difference in our delivery. The efficiency in application of solutions is only possible because we work with a tripod, which includes: technical competence, ability to work with systems and willingness to get to know the business of each company. FH seeks to be closer and more aligned with the client, that is, goes beyond the delivery of services. We are one of SAP’s best strategic partners and in order to ensure a reliable delivery to the companies, we are constantly striving to improve our process flows.

What is the current scenario of this industry?

F – Nowadays, the scenario is very competitive and willing for innovation that can drive business growth and process improvement. Actually, task management and real-time data processing are among the most urgent needs of the industry, which has increasingly sought cloud solutions to meet their demands. SAP S/4 HANA, for example, supports many of the last technological solution such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, real-time analysis, and integrates the companies into the digital world.

What are the future challenges for FH and how you are planning to defeat them?

F – Our main future challenge is to remain relevant in the market and continue to be a reference in the improvement and development of processes, projects and software that bring real growth, profit and productivity increase to our customers, in addition to always seeking to be one of the best SAP consultancies in Brazil , for this we are constantly investing in digital transformation, as it is embedded in our DNA, so we are always seeking to offer the best strategic solutions for companies of the most varied segments.

What advice will you give to the younger generation that is looking forward to enter in the competition?

F – For those who are looking for undertake, my tips are: in addition to dreaming, setting goals, creating strategies, people also cannot waste time in just one place if they see no opportunity for growth. At this point, you should have attitude and action – get ideas off the paper in the short term! In short, there is no magic formula, but determination and focus. It’s like a sport, hours of training are decisive for those who want to be Champions. That’s what I try to show my children every day.