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7 Digital Marketing jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Posted in December 18, 2018 by abarcelos

Time runs much faster in the digital environment. The continuous advances make that we should adapt and get on the ‘technological wave’ to not be left behind.

In addition to facilitating our day to day, this last decade has also offered us new job opportunities that many have decided not to waste.

Aware of the progress that has taken place in an increasingly global world, Forbes magazine has collected 7 Digital Marketing jobs that did not exist in 2008. They will surprise you!

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How 3 SEO strategies built today’s e-commerce giants

Posted in December 13, 2018 by abarcelos

Small and medium-sized companies are devoting more and more efforts to enhance their positioning on the Internet, but how important is SEO in the development and expansion of large companies?

The Search Engine Land portal analyzes the strategy of Amazon, Ebay and Etsy – three E-commerce giants – and reveals some of the keys to its positioning success: catalog size and third-party sellers,  earning links off of others’ self-interest and a clearly defined niche.

Get more out of your business and get up to date on the best kept secrets of search engines.

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Goodbye to European geoblocking in E-commerce

Posted in December 11, 2018 by abarcelos

All those people who carry out their purchases online are in luck: the European Council has reached an agreement to ban unjustified geoblocking between Member States, as published by the digital newspaper Ecommerce News Europe.

Geoblocking is, broadly speaking, the system used to limit access to the Internet based on its geographical location. An idea, without a doubt, opposed to the idea of the European Union to promote free trade.

After this important step forward from the old continent it’s important to think about the next goal: the creation of a Single Digital Market. Will it work?

Click here to read the full article! - Goodbye to European Geoblocking in E-commerce

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