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How to increase the performance of your e-commerce?

Posted in March 27, 2019 by abarcelos


Those who work with e-commerce face obstacles that go beyond knowledge and require technology to make secure and assertive decisions. But in this article you will know all the possibilities that FH offers to increase the performance of your e-commerce!

A global survey commissioned by SAP and aimed at the analysis of propensity to buy, points out that Brazil is the country with the highest rate of withdrawal of the purchase caused by the shipping price among the 25 countries studied. This is the reason for the abandonment of 70% of online shopping carts, followed by lower values in other sites or brands (41%), product not available in stock (36%), delivery time longer than expected ( 39%) and no discount or promotional code (36%).

By having a 360º vision in the business stages, FH’s Outsourcing knows the challenges of organizations that value the best customer experience and has a support portfolio for SAP C/4HANA applications, ranging from management and incident tracking to cloud management, so your business can have all the tools to increase productive capacity with real-time data!

1st Challenge: Eliminate risks

With the automation of the monitoring process, it is possible to carry out preventive maintenance and identify faults. Thus, regardless of the time of your operation, the performance of your e-commerce increases due to the maximization of the use of the application.

2nd Challenge: Ensure stability, with cost savings

Being strategic is having the guarantee that all actions of your company will be executed, regardless of size or segment. When your partner delivers customized cloud transfer, management, optimization, maintenance and monitoring services, your business achieves the flexibility so desired in this omnichannel world, because the configurations are tailored to your company’s demands and costs are optimized .

In this service, FH’s Outsourcing remotely manages the client platform and your company relies on the security and infrastructure of the largest cloud providers (such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure) when purchasing a solution where payment is made directly to these suppliers.

3rd Challenge: Having control of processes

As C/4HANA process monitoring becomes routine in its operation, managing the applications is synonymous with gaining competitive gains in tracking events and exceptions in processes.

But then, how to increase the performance of your e-commerce?

#Applications Support – service platform to deliver proactive support solutions, in line with the best practices in the SAP world;
#Process Monitoring – Provides real-time data about your business that helps you make secure and assertive decisions;
#Cloud Management – transfer, manage, optimize and maintain the infrastructure of your cloud e-commerce;
#Multidisciplinary Specialists – professionals focused on problem solving, 100% certified and with 24/7 availability.

Still in doubt? FH has just been awarded by SAP itself as Strategic Supplier SAP Commerce Cloud 2019, an award that evaluates companies that are strategic service providers and supports operations with SAP C/4HANA using the best practices in the market, as well as innovating and bringing significant improvements, with high performance and quality in deliveries to its customers.

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