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Why does manufacturing need a Cloud ERP?

Posted in April 30, 2019 by abarcelos

The more technology evolves, the more industrial manufacturers are looking for new ways to deliver value to their customers by bringing together machines with digital and customized channels. This digital competition is filled with challenges that hinder the delivery of innovations that most of the industries have already faced. Among so many barriers, we list the 4 main ones below:

# Dynamic market, demand variability and tight deadlines;
# Count on faster business results with lower operating costs;
# Maintain the highest quality at competitive prices;
# Complex and expensive systems environments with multiple distributed installations that result in high TCO.

In the quest to keep up with the dynamism of the market to get more competitiveness, it is interesting to know some of the indicators raised by SAP Latam that show the growth of companies that have already joined this technology, as well as increased revenues, reduced production costs and improved processes. It is worth checking!

What SAP S/4HANA Cloud can do:

Extends sales opportunities by up to 15-20%: Incorporates agility through a simplified platform that enables real-time data exchange between sales, customer service, and business leaders.

Supply chain optimization by up to 12%: Integrates the entire supply chain and achieves a reduction of up to 12% in the number of days of inventory. This means reducing shortages and having a simplified overview that generates logistics cost savings of 10%.

Increase sales responsiveness: Rapid adaptation in the production of tailor-made sales, direct customer orders directly to the factory such as production orders, supply alignment and sales planning.

Increase the efficiency of the operation by up to 60%: Ease in the management of business operations, where customers can experience excellent service and punctual delivery, which will remain unchanged during rapid expansion.

The SAP S/4HANA implemented by FH will help you connect your company with digital transformation and stand out in the market!

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