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Application Management Services

Posted in May 9, 2019 by abarcelos


To maintain competitiveness in the market, service companies seek to offer the best solutions to their customers.

Another concern is to provide an agile and uncomplicated service. This is where technology becomes essential, after all, are the innovations and technological tools that enable operational control of the business by offering support to meet the technical and functional demands.

Given all that, there is a clear change in the culture of organizations regarding the allocation of financial resources to the information area. If 10 years ago, companies saw IT as an expense, today they see it as a necessary investment that even contributes to cost reduction.

For many companies having a team capable of identifying critical situations is not a reality, and many times, important situations are ignored and, consequently, can impact the business in the medium or long term.

And that’s where FH’s Application Management Services comes in. It operates through a robust structure and 100% certified professionals who provide end-to-end support, contributing to the continuous improvement of customer processes, helping them to raise maturity in support of their applications and dramatically reducing business costs.

For this, FH offers two fronts of action: the first includes a team available 24/7 to prevent and react to possible failures by monitoring infrastructure, applications and business processes; the other is the evolutionary maintenance service, that is, the company opens a support ticket with a demand for improvement in a given process and a solution is implemented.

By outsourcing this service, organizations are able to better serve the most complex support needs, from which business improvements are a consequence.

There are many operational benefits companies can have with outsourced Application Management Services, reduce the number of billing-related incidents during critical periods, have greater traceability and monitoring of these processes, reduce travel expenses with remote services, reduce legal and tax risks, besides the reduction of the operational cost – are some among many others that every company seeks to ensure their survival.

* Eduardo Arantes – Director of Outsourcing Business Unit.


Application Management Services