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Over the years, FH combines SAP technology with services and products for different markets, seeking to boost and transform businesses. The quality of the work provided resulted in yet another achievement: the SAP Platinum Partner recognition.

Membership in the platinum program requires significant revenue and co-investment commitments, as it is considered the highest level relationship with SAP, reserved for a select internationally successful group and made at the invitation of the SAP Executive Committee.

To obtain this certification, FH had to prove its specialization in the area, going through an audit with a high level of demand, based on extremely high standards of quality and performance.

Platinum-level partners can engage with SAP in a variety of ways, whether by reselling software licenses, providing services to SAP customers, or building new software products.

We believe that this certification strengthens our commitment to supporting our customers on their journey to digital transformation. We want to continue to revolutionize the future of business through codes, providing innovative solutions and creating new opportunities for our customers.

FH is a member of the itelligence group, a global leader in SAP consulting.

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