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FH stands out in ISG Survey for its rise in the SAP S/4HANA implementation market

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The company’s positioning points to the acceleration of digital transformation, integration of the production chain and elevation of the portfolio. Of the 29 SAP partners evaluated in the study, six are leaders and two are rising stars, such as FH.

FH, a technology company specialized in business processes and software, stood out in the ISG Provider Lens report – “SAP HANA and Leonardo Ecosystem Partners – Brazil 2020”, a prestigious survey of the universe of SAP technologies, occupying the market leadership in two quadrants: SAP S / 4 HANA System Transformation – Midmarket and Managed Application Services for SAP ERP. Another major highlight of FH was its position as Rising Star in the SAP S / 4 HANA System Transformation – Large Accounts quadrant.

The survey analyzed the 29 partners who had SAP S / 4HANA training and certifications, with implementation cases and diversified partnership levels, such as Gold and Platinum. “The report points out the preparation and qualifications of these partners for SAP projects, being an important thermometer for the decision making of the companies’ IT areas”, says Pedro Maschio, analyst and one of the authors of the study, who collected opinions and figures provided by global SAP customers.

The position in the Large Accounts quadrant shows the ability of consulting and systems integration service providers to develop, implement and test applications with SAP S / 4 HANA. The Midmarket quadrant, on the other hand, analyzes the ability to offer a rapid response to S / 4 HANA implementations for customers in intermediate markets, while the Managed Application quadrant considers the ability to offer managed services, with maintenance and support functions, for SAP S / 4 HANA and SAP Business Suites.

“The study has great relevance for the IT market because, by pointing out the levels of maturity, the qualification of the different suppliers, brings greater transparency to the sector and allows us to outline a more assertive strategy for business and to improve our processes”, comments Ricardo Fachin, CEO of FH. “In this context, occupying the position of Rising Star brings us great pride, as it is a recognition of the effort and dedication of the FH team in contributing directly to the digital transformation of large sectors of the industry”, he says.

The result confirms FH’s solid growth perspective and its optimized delivery methodology, which offers modern tools to control project results in medium and large companies. According to Fachin, the company has been investing in the development of its employees to provide even more personalized service and delivery. Among the sectors that were highlighted in the evaluated period are retail, manufacturing, agribusiness, services and finance.

According to the executive, FH intends to continue working to further consolidate its presence in the Large Accounts quadrant and strengthen its positioning in Midmarket and Managed Application Services in the coming years.

“In 2019, FH was on a positive upswing, but since then, it has solidified its position due to the growth and increase in the number of its offers and portfolio, in addition to the expansion of its geographical coverage, especially after its acquisition by itelligence, the world’s leading German consultancy in the sale of SAP licenses that is part of the Japanese group NTT Data ”, adds Pedro Maschio.

ISG Provider Lens – Market thermometer

Published this month, the survey points to a trend that many players in the technology sector have already expected: the acceleration of digital transformation by companies, which is necessary especially in the context brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. The adoptions of SAP S / 4 HANA through SAP partners – to support and streamline business strategies, integrations and ensure greater efficiency in processes – took place especially in the medium-sized segment, automated tools and structures that allow transformation projects quick.

The ISG report also noted small changes in the market for large accounts in 2020. Study participants reported that they did not stop their projects and business continuity is not a risk for these suppliers. Another positive aspect revealed by ISG is that suppliers are optimistic and believe that they can sell projects using a new model delivery, especially online projects.

You can download the full report here.


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