The digital customer has many journeys and requires that companies are always one step ahead of them, better informed and present in the channels of their choice. With FH’s Digital projects, increase your company’s marketshare and profitability, provide a unique experience called omnichannel, engage new consumers with relevant and personalized interactions on any channel, and feature state-of-the-art technology in Big Data, IoT and proven expertise in Digital Marketing.

Digital Commerce Projects

More than a business strategy, being connected to the digital world is a requirement for every company!


FH’s Digital Commerce projects enable companies to transform the way they engage with customers, innovate the way they do business, and simplify their technology structure.  With a comprehensive approach, our solutions offer opportunities to optimize your customers’ shopping experience and transform your business!


Promote, in real-time, significant contextual experiences at all points of contact, and ensure the best online shopping experience for your customers.

Sales and Services Projects

Digital customers require companies to be always one step ahead of them, better informed and present in their favorite channels. The greater knowledge a company has of its customers, greater are the chances of pleasing and serving them, according to their needs and desires!


Hence, companies need to provide perfect purchasing experiences on all communication channels, either in person, by phone, digitally, on social media and mobile devices.


With Sales and Services Projects implemented by FH, you can train your sales and service team for this new business model.

Offline Sales

The biggest nightmare of a manager who has a team in the field is that his sales force that only works online, with internet. Yes, the internet is a reality, however, we know how the Brazilian mobile telephony infrastructure works: you do not always have access, let alone access with the quality necessary to perform tasks such as sending orders connected directly with the ERP.

FH’s Sales Force Automation. It will revolutionize your sales in the field, giving your sales team more autonomy, integration and a 360º view of the customer – and all this offline!

Assisted Sales

The high competitiveness in the retail industry requires companies to constantly update their technology. In the past, customers arrived at the store, discussed the possibilities of acquisition with the seller, checked the price and availability of stock of a certain product.

Today, in addition to offering the best shopping experience to its customers, it is essential to stand out in the market to offer a proactive and integrated service. Through multi-service, using the website and the cell phone, salespeople from the ominchannel era can offer more information about each product, which makes shopping a unique experience.

Digital Marketing

One client. Many journeys. And most of them starting in the digital world!


Digital Marketing is the newest service in the digital area of FH and has been created with the goal of assisting our customers in their sales success!


Techniques and tools are used to optimize SEO – Search Engine optimization, BI – Business Intelligence and UX – User Experience, in order to create qualified traffic for your company. Get the best insight and offer the best user experience to your customers!


Overcoming the challenges of digital marketing in such a competitive scenario requires great skills and a specialized partner. With the Digital Marketing service, FH delivers the most innovative digital strategy for your business!


One customer. Many journeys. Simplify channel sales completely, at all points of contact, globally and flexibly!


Increase your company’s market share and profitability with a unique experience called omnichannel. With SAP C/4HANA you increase productivity, attract new consumers and enhance customer satisfaction with relevant and customized interactions on any channel.


With context-driven marketing tools and unified business processes for all your channels, SAP C/4HANA is the only solution that offers predictive insight, flawless execution, and contextual customer experience significant for your business.


Major challenges require great skills. The combination of FH and SAP C/4HANA provides the most innovative solution when it comes to omnichannel.


Fast Shopping

Digital channels such as online sales and marketplace, which have become fundamental for many companies, are still little explored and have great potential to be used by a specific sector: shopping malls!

Very connected to the shopping experience in a physical environment, shopping malls can offer digital experiences and create a multichannel integration providing a unified journey to their customers and bringing benefits to their retailers.

FH’s Fast Shopping platform is based on the SAP Customer Experience, a complete suite that brings together the most powerful and versatile sales and relationship tools so that your shopping mall provides the best experience for customers, combining physical with digital and enjoying the best of both worlds!