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Digital Transformation is a one-way road! There is a new way of dealing with the world we live in. In this context, customers require companies to answer their requests much faster. Customers expect companies to be always one step ahead of them, better informed and present in their favorite channels.


FH has the challenge of developing strategies and solutions for its customers, always contemplating a good experience, so companies can focus on what really matters: their business growth. Therefore, FH offers increasingly more strategies and solutions that are easy to contract and with investments that fit in your company’s budget.


As it trusts its tools and team of professionals, FH created a model for support, monitoring and constant improvement called “Hybris as a Partner”.  In this model, a flexible and transparent business plan is created, together with the customer, requiring low initial investment and commission on sales made in its digital channel, ensuring the required cash flow to accelerate its digital transformation.


Check out the advantages of the model (CAPEX and OPEX):


  • Fast implementation of initial scope based on Flieger Commerce;
  • Set of accelerators available for each business scenario;
  • Team composition with professionals dedicated exclusively to customer service and shared specialists who provide quick answers to problems;
  • Business professionals with in-depth knowledge of digital commerce;
  • SEO analysis to optimize the website position on search rankings;
  • Low initial investment;
  • More sales result in a lower commission percentage.

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