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When it comes to retail, Boticário Group is the benchmark throughout Brazil!


An FH Customer for over 10 years, Boticário Group is the world’s largest beauty franchising network. There are almost four thousand points of sale, distributed in 1,750 cities. Furthermore, with strong web performance, the company and its brands reach 100% of consumers, all over Brazil. With FH as a partner, the group has already implemented several successful projects and identified several operational and strategic gains in group companies.




Here are some of these gains:

  • Improved information and process flow;
  • Tax and accounting compliance with FH’s GUEPARDO Tax Solution;
  • Enabling uninterrupted service for all its franchise network;
  • Significant improvement in store management performance.


With the project “Apothecary Group – Management of categories and assortment in a retail platform”, FH won the prize ASUG Impact Awards 2011.


ASUG Impact Awards is a traditional award in ASUG community. The award highlight the most successful cases within the association and give opportunity for project teams to share their experiences also generating material for the events of ASUG. Other major cases contributed to the award, the criteria evaluated best practices, improvements in service level, originality and innovation.


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