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Succeed in your digital transformation with the Sales and Services Projects implemented by FH. Exceed expectations, sell more and empower your team to win customers in a more meaningful and significant way.


With Sales Projects (IFV-Sales Force Computerization) your company takes advantage of advanced features that include customer relationship management through software that leverages sales and offer insights to salespeople, so they can make quick decisions with 360º vision. All this through portfolio management that segments customers based on their territory, conducting specific campaigns with exclusive price lists according to the profile of each customer.


Services Projects are specially developed for field services and customer service, which are natively omni-channel. Thus, customers can choose which channel they will use to communicate with companies:


  • Phone;
  • Digital;
  • Social media;
  • Mobile devices.


FH Services Projects enable a comprehensive service process by supporting seamless transitions between customer communication channels and enhancing local registration systems to solve problems or execute service orders, either through agents from the engagement center or local technicians with mobile access and robust integrated analytical capabilities.


When choosing a business partner for your company, choose one that is an expert in the subject! FH received the 2016 ASUG Impact Awards Trophy as the best SAP Hybris for Sales and Services project in 2016, implemented at DPaschoal. The project provided several operational benefits and, in particular, improved management of sales opportunities.

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