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The Top Digital Transformation Trend For 2019

Posted in January 8, 2019 by abarcelos

Digital transformation is, by far, the main priority of most companies for years.

As pointed out by the prestigious magazine Forbes, by 2020 it is expected that half of the income will be affected by technology in one way or another.

Will 2019 be the turning point when organizations finally get serious about digital transformation?

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7 Digital Marketing jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Posted in December 18, 2018 by abarcelos

Time runs much faster in the digital environment. The continuous advances make that we should adapt and get on the ‘technological wave’ to not be left behind.

In addition to facilitating our day to day, this last decade has also offered us new job opportunities that many have decided not to waste.

Aware of the progress that has taken place in an increasingly global world, Forbes magazine has collected 7 Digital Marketing jobs that did not exist in 2008. They will surprise you!


How 3 SEO strategies built today’s e-commerce giants

Posted in December 13, 2018 by abarcelos

Small and medium-sized companies are devoting more and more efforts to enhance their positioning on the Internet, but how important is SEO in the development and expansion of large companies?

The Search Engine Land portal analyzes the strategy of Amazon, Ebay and Etsy – three E-commerce giants – and reveals some of the keys to its positioning success: catalog size and third-party sellers,  earning links off of others’ self-interest and a clearly defined niche.

Get more out of your business and get up to date on the best kept secrets of search engines.

Read full article - How 3 SEO strategies built today’s e-commerce giants


Goodbye to European geoblocking in E-commerce

Posted in December 11, 2018 by abarcelos

All those people who carry out their purchases online are in luck: the European Council has reached an agreement to ban unjustified geoblocking between Member States, as published by the digital newspaper Ecommerce News Europe.

Geoblocking is, broadly speaking, the system used to limit access to the Internet based on its geographical location. An idea, without a doubt, opposed to the idea of the European Union to promote free trade.

After this important step forward from the old continent it’s important to think about the next goal: the creation of a Single Digital Market. Will it work?

Click here to read the full article! - Goodbye to European Geoblocking in E-commerce


FH: Committing for growth in Spain and Europe

Posted in October 17, 2018 by abarcelos

Computer World, international acclaimed journal in the areas of IT and communication, has released the past October 16th, news about the international expansion of FH, highlighting the commitment of the company in the European and Spanish markets, the benefits of SAP C/4HANA and the launch of  FH’s Flieger CX Suite.

For FH, organization with almost 20 years in the market and projects in nearly 30  countries, the entry in such a competitive market answers to a strategy based on differentiation through innovative solutions.

In this regard, FH is one of the world´s leading specialists in the new SAP solution suite for customers (SAP CX), now grouped under the name of SAP C/4HANA, which is SAP main focus to revolutionize the relationship with clients for the coming years, and where FH has been developing projects continuously for the past 12 years.

Moreover, FH is announcing the launch of an exclusive accelerator based on SAP C/4HANA technology: Flieger CX Suite. This product consists in a set of solutions and services 100% standard SAP, centered in agile methodology that responds to the experience accumulated in more than 100 projects and 80 references worldwide. It combines solutions and services with more than 150 “out-of-the-box” functionalities that allows to tackle E-Commerce, Marketing, Sales or Services projects in a revolutionary way, with the use of the latest technologies, including Cloud, IoT or Machine Learning.

Among the different solutions that Fliger CX Suites offers, stands out the Flieger Commerce, as it holds the world record of implementing a new E-commerce integrated with SAP ERP in just 8 weeks, and the Flieger Plug&Play, which allows dealers and clients to create new marketplace portals B2B2X in less than 10 minutes.

Click here and read the complete article!


FH, a leading technology company in business processes and software, arrives to Spain

Posted in October 11, 2018 by abarcelos

For the second year in a row, the company will participate in the SAP Customer Experience Live, where it will present its innovative accelerator Flieger CX Suite.

FH, a leading technology company specialized in business processes and software, has opened its first headquarters in Spain, second base in Europe, with a clear commitment to the national market, which stands out as one of the first European markets in digital transformation.

With almost 20 years of experience, FH is one of the largest SAP integrators in Latin America and one of the world’s leading specialists in Customer Experience or SAP C/4HANA (SAP Hybris). With the opening of offices in Madrid, the company strengthens its new stage of international expansion, having achieved one of the largest contracts at European level to implement its B2B and B2C accelerator on SAP C/4HANA technology and Microsoft Azure.

Emilio Osete, as Managing Director and Willy Möller, as Chief Digital Officer, leads this new project, which arrived in Spain a year ago. A team of 50 specialized consultants with an international vocation forms the group. Throughout 2018, it has reached agreements with large multinationals, sector leaders and Pymes, working with companies such as Logista and Adveo at a national level, as well as other clients in different European countries.

“Spain is the third largest Consultancy market in Europe and specifically in SAP is one of the most mature. FH is an international benchmark in SAP, but we could never started operations in such a competitive market without having the best talent and the best technological solutions. FH is a world leader in C/4HANA solutions, only in Commerce we developed more than 100 projects with a team that has dedicated almost 12 years to these solutions, something unique in this market, “says Emilio Osete.

With Spain as the head office of the International Operations, the intention is to continue growing organically to other countries. “We are currently developing projects in addition to Spain, in other countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Benelux. Our offices in Madrid and Stuttgart must grow exponentially to create a local base of consultants and clients for Spain and the entire European continent “, adds Osete.

SAP Customer Experience Live

Furthermore, to reinforce its position in the Spanish market, FH will be present in the SAP Customer Live Experience for the second consecutive year, which takes place between October 10 and 11 in Barcelona. This year’s annual meeting is particularly important, after the launch by SAP in June of its new Suite of solutions for the client, with which aims to revolutionize the market in the upcoming years.

FH will take the opportunity to launch its new product to the market: the exclusive Flieger CX Suite accelerator, a standard solution certified by SAP, unique in a global level, to be presented to its clients and partners in the meeting that will welcome the most relevant actors of the sector in the Barcelona Fair.

Source: Expansión


New Success Case! Belagrícola implements SAP S/4HANA, MDG and GUEPARDO with FH!

Posted in October 9, 2018 by abarcelos

One of the largest provider of solutions for the producers, Belagrícola needed to replace the management system with a certified partner that simplified processes in the unification of all the information in the same database with SAP S/4HANA, besides boosting the competitiveness and guaranteeing the compliance in the deliveries of the obligations to the IRS with GUEPARDO Tax Solution. Watch the case of success and check out what FH’s expertise can do for your business!

Enjoy and read the whole success case!

Check out FH's complete implementation success case of SAP S/4HANA, MDG and GUEPARDO at Belagricola


Webinar: Reimagine the relationship with your customer in the digital era with SAP C/4HANA and Flieger CX Suite

Posted in October 8, 2018 by abarcelos

On October 3, 2018 in Madrid, FH International in collaboration with the Association of SAP Users (AUSAPE) have organized a “live” webinar to talk about the new suite of SAP Customer Experience solutions. The webinar was attended as speakers by Emilio Osete (MD FH International) and Willy Möller (CDO FH International), as well as a significant number of clients from all sectors.

The market of CRM solutions has undergone a great revolution in recent years, with the entry of major competitors and solutions, especially Salesforce, which have displaced SAP to a position not always dominant as it is in other environments or sectors. After a succession of very relevant purchases, the most important in 2013 through the acquisition of Hybris, which were followed in the following years with the acquisition of Gigya Solutions, CallidusCloud Solutions and Coresystems, SAP announced the launch in June of the new generation of customer solutions, grouped now under the name C/4HANA and within a new division called Customer Experience (CX).

This suite now includes a set of solutions in 5 blocks (SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud and SAP Customer Data Cloud), whose differential focus is based on being the only platform in the market that can offer an end-to-end platform in customer experience:

SAP C/4HANA is the new generation of customer solutions presented by SAP. They are within a new division called Customer Experience (CX)

SAP C/4HANA is the new generation of customer solutions presented by SAP. They are within a new division called Customer Experience (CX)

The implementation of these solutions is one of the biggest challenges that any company can face, not only because of the challenges inherent in the management of clients in an ultra competitive market, but also because much of the success lies in the use of multiple integrated technologies that can respond to business demands.

Based on the experience gained during more than 10 years developing and implementing customer solutions, during the session FH showed some advice that must be taken into account when implementing a project of this type of solutions. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made when facing a project like these is to consider “traditional” SAP solutions. Actually, these solutions are now included under the name C/4HANA are very different from what we know in other modules of the ERP, being Cloud solutions, development platforms and designed to be extended and integrated into a hybrid multidisciplinary world.

For this reason, the use of an accelerator is an essential concept (“mandatory”) in every C/4HANA project. In addition to minimizing risks and implementation costs, an accelerator is key to grow, to generate much more, to accelerate the go-to-market not only at the time of implementation, but also in the medium and long term.

In conjunction with SAP’s new client suite, FH announced last September the launch of Flieger CX Suite, 100% standard C/4HANA accelerator, which includes Flieger Commerce, with more than 150 out-of-the-box functionalities, Flieger Plug & Play, which allows implementing individual B2B2X in a process of only 10 minutes, as well as a series of solutions, services and methodology, in which it is the largest exclusive suite of client solutions certified by SAP:

Flieger CX Suite is a 100% standard C/4HANA accelerator to boost your customer experience!

Flieger CX Suite is a 100% standard C/4HANA accelerator to boost your customer experience!

For more information, visit us at www.fh.company


How a reflection on collective intelligence has created the new slogan of FH!

Posted in September 21, 2018 by abarcelos

Codes and solutions, made by people for people and that improve the world. This is the essence of FH’s new communication!

Explaining exactly what FH is or does can be quite complex. After all, there are 18 years of history, 600 employees, 8 offices and more than 2000 projects in 30 countries.

We classify ourselves as a company specialized in business processes and software and have business units such as: Tax, Consulting, Technology, Softwares FH and Outsourcing. See, it’s quite a thing! It was therefore necessary to make clear what was the activity of the FH and what was its purpose.

The conclusion we came to you may know in the video below:



Our CEO, Ricardo Fachin, made it very clear in the letter he wrote to all employees, the meaning of </coding4people> for FH:

“How do we affect the world we live in? What is our purpose? These questions touch on fundamental issues for understanding what FH’s purpose is and how we are inserted in the context of society. To try to answer this, we can make a reflection on collective intelligence (sort of shared intelligence that emerges from the collaboration of many individuals in their diversity) that we have built over these 18 years of history, the benefits to society that their application produces and what means we use to connect with people. My challenge here was to write about what we are, without using the words that we use in a daily basis to talk about technology and business.

“Intelligence involves the ability to achieve goals.”

Collective intelligence can be divided into two parts: one with specific functions, such as software and hardware, that use the information available to perform specific tasks; and one with wider and interesting application, which is our analytical skills, creativity and imagination, to perform various tasks in adverse conditions.

In a business and technology company, such as FH, we have the unique opportunity to contribute to the construction, in both parts of collective intelligence. We combined the use of knowledge and software to generate the solutions we deliver to customers. We help businesses to deliver better products and services to people. This is how we positively affect the world we live in.

One day my son asked if I helped companies build cars. To take time to breathe and organize the next sentence, I said, “it depends.” Safely spliced with ​​a “yes”, and started explaining: we help the company that makes the doors to ensure that there are no defects in the sheets, we help the company that makes the brakes, the one that make bearings, the tires, the company that extracts iron ore … Anyway, if we stop to analyze, there is a bit of us and our intelligence in many of the things we see, use or consume on a daily basis (drinks, food, fashion, construction, household appliances, cosmetics, transportation, banks, physical and virtual stores).  

FH’s solutions carry a coded form of intelligence. We connect with people and the world by this mean.

The new slogan of FH – Coding 4 People – reflects our essence – to help build a better world, because we believe in the humanization of technology and because people are at the heart of everything we are and do! “

The communication of the company is now more friendly, with coding elements such as [ ] and < >, focusing on people and technology. Our position is always to understand the needs of customers and to provide products, services and opportunities that change people’s lives for the better.

We are FH and what we do is </ coding4people>!


An intelligent sales organization is not an option – it’s an imperative

Posted in September 3, 2018 by abarcelos

We all know that AI can help you improvise your buyer’s journey, and in today’s market, AI is no longer an option – it’s a necessity to remain competitive.

Early adopters of AI are using it as an assistant or augmented intelligence to complement – not replace – their sales team, as it helps them make more agile decisions.

An intelligent sales organization: Worth its weight in CX gold

There are many fantastic benefits of running an intelligent sales organization, some of which include:

More time selling: A recent article by McKinsey Global Institute states that 40% of time spent on sales-related activities can be cut down using AI. So, sales reps can spend more time selling and closing, instead of completing routine, time-consuming jobs.

Creating synergies: A major point of contention between sales and marketing is seamless continuation in customer engagement and lack of lead conversion. With the help of AI, marketing and sales won’t miss on strong leads and opportunities.

Customer loyalty: By having better customer intelligence, sales reps can build long-lasting relationships with customers.

Lower costs: By automating routine task and intelligent forecasting, organizations can optimize resource allocation, lower costs, and shorten the sales cycle.

Analyze your current state

Sales organizations spend a majority of their time in routines and tasks which need manual intervention. Tasks of sales organizations can be broadly divided into the following categories:

Human interaction: These activities require EQ. Sales people must walk the buying journey with the customer, carefully understanding the needs, while building trust and loyalty.

Routine: These tasks are repetitive, and are impossible for humans to scale, like sending emails to cold leads, weekly sales reports, etc.

Time-consuming: These tasks require a lot of time and information to produce results, like quotation and contract generation, lead and opportunity prioritization, etc.

Transform your sales organization

Your sales organization directly impacts revenue and profit, and machine learning will help transform a sales organization from being reactive to proactive, and from intuitive to prescriptive. It can guide the sales journey from identification to customer retention.

Customer identification: Digital and social transformation has created massive data on customer behaviors, and these collective insights can be used to identify future prospects and strong leads. Automatic scripts or emails can be crafted using past interactions and other customer insights from various sources, like social media, etc. AI can also provide insights for upcoming customer meetings, and schedule them, too. Following up with cold leads can be discouraging and a waste of time for a sales rep, and this process can be customized and automated with AI.

Customer cultivation and acquisition: Marketing has already seen the success of personalized messaging versus generic. Similarly, conversations of sales reps and prospects will be improved if focused on areas that are most likely to be relevant to them.

A majority of sales conversations take place via email or phone. Natural Language Processing (NLP) can guide sales rep conversations based on customer information and honest signals. Over time, machine learning can assess via feedback loops what is working and what is not and can accordingly guide the rep further. Machines can also generate training plans based on the activities of other star sales reps.

Timely offers are the key to success of any deal, and an AI guided sales rep will have all the information needed to close sales. From generating accurate pricing to discounts, processes that takes tens of thousands of hours can be automated with machine learning.

Based on past sales data, custom pricing can be recommended to help win deals. ML can provide guidance regarding discounts and commissions by analyzing the success of previous discounts that worked. All of this information can then be used to generate proposals/contracts, with confidence rating, systems can initially ask sales rep to review the proposal/contract, which can improve over time based on feedback.

Machine learning can recognize the signals of what a converted lead or opportunity looks like. Once the algorithm has been trained, lead/opportunity scoring can create a priority list of leads/opportunities to focus on. In absence of categorized data, unsupervised learning allows the algorithm to identify patterns on its own. Lead/opportunity scoring allows the sales team to make more sales by reducing time spent on deals that would likely never convert.

Customer retention: Depending on the industry, the cost of acquiring a customer can be between 5-25% higher than retaining them and increasing competition will further increase the cost. Identifying signals from customers before they churn and taking proactive steps to retain them will increase lifetime values of the customer.

Sales operations: Machine learning can help to improvise sales operations.

  • Sales training– Machines learning can guide managers with sales coaching, a key to building strong teams. At the same time, AI can generate a personalized training plan by analyzing all the actions taken by sales reps, like written and phone communication follow-ups, etc., and compare them with the processes followed by star performers. It can then provide guidance on corrective measures.
  • Sales reporting– Sales managers can view team performance in real-time, like deals missed, quota met, etc., and take prescriptive actions to keep reps on track.
  • Sales forecasting– AI can forecast revenue at a macro-level for sales managers by providing insights into sales trends, segmented by sales organizations, sales reps, etc. This can help optimize resource allocation to build healthy pipeline, analyze team performance, and be cost-effective. With prescriptive insight, managers can gain perspective into the underlying reasons for sales trends, as well as take actions needed to improve sales.

Source: The Future of Commerce


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