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FH is recognized as a Strategic Supplier SAP C/4HANA 2019

Posted in March 12, 2019 by tfagundes

  The award, promoted by SAP, recognizes the partners who stand out in SAP C/4HANA support and happened today at the SAP CAS Partner Summit event in Rome, Italy. The award evaluates companies that are strategic service providers and support SAP C/4HANA operations, using the best practices in the market, in addition to innovating and […]

Changes in data privacy laws and enforcement risks to monitor in 2019

Posted in February 28, 2019 by abarcelos

GDPR, CCPA and beyond The European Union (GDPR), California (CCPA) and several US states, the US Congress and a countless number of countries have enacted laws on data privacy and are already presenting significant enforcement activity. One exemple is the French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) imposing a €50 million penalty against Google for violation of the General Data […]

FH conquers the S/4HANA Conversion Certification and remains at the forefront of technology

Posted in February 26, 2019 by abarcelos

The S/4HANA Conversion Certification is an SAP program to demonstrate the use of best practices created by SAP, which empowers partners in the digital transformation of an old SAP ERP, focusing on the financial return to the customer. For 3 weeks, FH participated in the qualification process with 7 multidisciplinary experts! “The process for the […]

FH is elected best partner VAR SAP C/4HANA of Brazil

Posted in February 14, 2019 by abarcelos

Last Wednesday (February 13), SAP Brasil PKOM 2019 – Partner Kick-Off Meeting was held in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul. The event, which takes place annually and brings together partners and top executives from SAP Brazil to present the strategy of the German giant for 2019. In PKOM they were also awarded the partners […]

The Top Digital Transformation Trend For 2019

Posted in January 8, 2019 by abarcelos

Digital transformation is, by far, the main priority of most companies for years. As pointed out by the prestigious magazine Forbes, by 2020 it is expected that half of the income will be affected by technology in one way or another. Will 2019 be the turning point when organizations finally get serious about digital transformation?

7 Digital Marketing jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Posted in December 18, 2018 by abarcelos

Time runs much faster in the digital environment. The continuous advances make that we should adapt and get on the ‘technological wave’ to not be left behind. In addition to facilitating our day to day, this last decade has also offered us new job opportunities that many have decided not to waste. Aware of the […]

How 3 SEO strategies built today’s e-commerce giants

Posted in December 13, 2018 by abarcelos

Small and medium-sized companies are devoting more and more efforts to enhance their positioning on the Internet, but how important is SEO in the development and expansion of large companies? The Search Engine Land portal analyzes the strategy of Amazon, Ebay and Etsy – three E-commerce giants – and reveals some of the keys to […]

Goodbye to European geoblocking in E-commerce

Posted in December 11, 2018 by abarcelos

All those people who carry out their purchases online are in luck: the European Council has reached an agreement to ban unjustified geoblocking between Member States, as published by the digital newspaper Ecommerce News Europe. Geoblocking is, broadly speaking, the system used to limit access to the Internet based on its geographical location. An idea, […]

FH: Committing for growth in Spain and Europe

Posted in October 17, 2018 by abarcelos

Computer World, international acclaimed journal in the areas of IT and communication, has released the past October 16th, news about the international expansion of FH, highlighting the commitment of the company in the European and Spanish markets, the benefits of SAP C/4HANA and the launch of  FH’s Flieger CX Suite. For FH, organization with almost 20 […]

FH, a leading technology company in business processes and software, arrives to Spain

Posted in October 11, 2018 by abarcelos

For the second year in a row, the company will participate in the SAP Customer Experience Live, where it will present its innovative accelerator Flieger CX Suite. FH, a leading technology company specialized in business processes and software, has opened its first headquarters in Spain, second base in Europe, with a clear commitment to the national […]

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