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The Advantages of Converting to a High-Performance ERP!

Posted in July 18, 2019 by abarcelos

Industry 4.0 is already a reality, and to embark on this world of innovation and access to information in real time, it is essential to have the best tools on the market as a high-performance ERP! The challenges in the consumer goods sector Managers in this industry face a number of challenges like dealing with […]

How to provide a five-star customer experience

Posted in June 28, 2019 by abarcelos

According to The Future of Commerce, customers view experiences in surprisingly simple terms: everything can be boiled down to a five-star rating system! It’s an effective and concise way to sum up a single interaction with a business. “In the experience economy, five-star experiences aren’t a luxury – they’re the expectation.” But businesses struggle to […]

One year of GDPR: the impact of data protection in Europe

Posted in May 29, 2019 by abarcelos

  The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the European data protection law aims to give control to individuals over their personal data and to unify the data regulation within the EU. The bill passed in 2016 and entered into force two years later. It is considered  the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. […]

How to win in the experience economy

Posted in May 16, 2019 by abarcelos

This article of Digitalistmag, talks a bit about how the relationship economy has evolved into the experience economy and how companies are having to change their traditional mindset to meet the new expectations of consumers that currently require much more than an exchange of goods and money, they want complete, contextual and meaningful experience at all […]

Application Management Services

Posted in May 9, 2019 by abarcelos

  To maintain competitiveness in the market, service companies seek to offer the best solutions to their customers. Another concern is to provide an agile and uncomplicated service. This is where technology becomes essential, after all, are the innovations and technological tools that enable operational control of the business by offering support to meet the […]

Why does manufacturing need a Cloud ERP?

Posted in April 30, 2019 by abarcelos

The more technology evolves, the more industrial manufacturers are looking for new ways to deliver value to their customers by bringing together machines with digital and customized channels. This digital competition is filled with challenges that hinder the delivery of innovations that most of the industries have already faced. Among so many barriers, we list […]

Six things you need to know about GDPR and marketing

Posted in April 23, 2019 by abarcelos

Since GDPR came into force last year it made many marketers to re-examine internal procedures and processes as the law takes a wide view of what constitutes personal identification information and data protection. Businesses are required to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. Meanwhile, […]

FH among the best in ASUG Impact Awards Brazil 2019!

Posted in April 10, 2019 by abarcelos

The 2nd place in the ASUG Impact Awards 2019 – Brazil’s main award event of the SAP community – was won by FH, with the success case ” Belagrícola: Union of technology and the simplicity of the field in a solid foundation EVEREST.” This year, FH won it’s eighth ASUG Impact Awards, closing another year […]

How to increase the performance of your e-commerce?

Posted in March 27, 2019 by abarcelos

  Those who work with e-commerce face obstacles that go beyond knowledge and require technology to make secure and assertive decisions. But in this article you will know all the possibilities that FH offers to increase the performance of your e-commerce! A global survey commissioned by SAP and aimed at the analysis of propensity to […]

FH is recognized as a Strategic Supplier SAP C/4HANA 2019

Posted in March 12, 2019 by tfagundes

  The award, promoted by SAP, recognizes the partners who stand out in SAP C/4HANA support and happened today at the SAP CAS Partner Summit event in Rome, Italy. The award evaluates companies that are strategic service providers and support SAP C/4HANA operations, using the best practices in the market, in addition to innovating and […]

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