FH’s Outsourcing Unit is focused on SAP application support services. Recognized as SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) with 100% of certified professionals. Seeking to offer the best outsourcing solution with an efficient methodology, FH improves the performance of its applications, according to SAP’s global support standards.

Optimize your company’s IT with FH Outsourcing Services and make it strategic to your business.

Application Management

With a service platform for delivery of proactive support solutions, aligned with best practices in the SAP world, FH’s Outsourcing team offers to its customers the latest technological support with high quality standards.


Combined with the Application Management, discover how to improve the performance of your SAP applications!


Cloud Management

Reduce the cost of hosting large volumes of data for your company! Learn about FH’s Cloud Management service, which includes transfers, administration, management, optimization and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure, for a fixed monthly cost.

Find out all the ways in which FH Cloud Management can help your company!

SAP C/4HANA Process Monitoring

Those who manage an e-commerce face challenges every day. Regardless of function or department, having control over information requires more than knowledge. It requires technology!


Therefore, C/4HANA Process Monitoring provides data on your business in real-time, which assists on making safe and assertive decisions. All this anytime, anywhere and on any device.


SAP Application Governance

Based on the best IT practices, the RUN SAP methodology provides procedures, content, services, training, and tools for end-to-end solution operations that ensure greater control and full-scale governance for SAP Applications’ life cycle.


The RUN SAP methodology provides a comprehensive approach for solution management in every environment and software life cycle, thus ensuring availability, high performance, data consistency and transparency in all business processes.


FH offers the best IT practices, supporting companies of all sizes and segments to adapt the best market practices for the operation of SAP systems, ensuring efficient optimization, cost reduction and increased reliability, among other benefits. Learn more about the RUN SAP methodology and be amazed!

Managed Services

FH’s Managed Services and Infrastructure suite helps companies to solve the most complex business problems by implementing technology solutions that leverage long-term results. Outsource your IT team and focus on activities that add value to your business.

AWS Cloud Management

Cloud data storage grows at an accelerated pace, after all, hosting multiple IT operations on a single platform at minimal cost is quite an attraction.

Leveraging the benefits that cloud solutions offer not only improve the customer experience, but also elevate the organization’s competitive potential, making it more agile, modern and innovative.