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Cloud Management

FH’s Cloud Management service is designed to provide a complete data center infrastructure solution, coupled with a management service that ensures very high availability for the platform.

Availability and reliability are key factors for any business with an Internet presence. And so it must be a constant concern.

FH is one of the only companies in the world and the first in Latin America to achieve all SAP C/4HANA certifications, as well as having the largest team of platform specialists in Brazil.


This service is performed by cloud specialists at FH’s Outsourcing department whose expertise guarantees high availability, flexibility, governance and support for your business!


In this service, your company purchases the infrastructure from the largest cloud servers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure, and pays directly to these vendors.

FH remotely transfers and extends the customer’s data center to the cloud and then, at a fixed monthly cost, manages and optimizes the platform so that the customer has the lowest possible cost with the optimal consumption of computing resources that he or she has. need at that time.


FH has the recognition and expertise to provide hosting solutions specially adapted to your e-commerce. Check out the advantages:

  • Gain in productivity by focusing on hosting, developing and supporting your application with the same vendor;
  • TIER III data center structure to provide high performance hosting, security and availability;
  • 24×7 support;
  • Managed services package included: monitoring, support and infrastructure management;
  • Simple operational model and easy to follow by the customer.

Meet FH Cloud Management and find out why we have the best solution for your business!



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