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SAP Application Governance

Based on the best IT practices, the RUN SAP methodology provides procedures, content, services, training, and tools for end-to-end solution operations that ensure greater control and full-scale governance for SAP Applications’ life cycle.


The RUN SAP methodology provides a comprehensive approach for solution management in every environment and software life cycle, thus ensuring availability, high performance, data consistency and transparency in all business processes.


FH offers the best IT practices, supporting companies of all sizes and segments to adapt the best market practices for the operation of SAP systems, ensuring efficient optimization, cost reduction and increased reliability, among other benefits. Learn more about the RUN SAP methodology and be amazed!


  • Fast delivery of package features; 
  • Productivity increase;
  • Quality increase;
  • More interactivity;
  • Operating costs of SAP applications reduction;
  • Innovation that raises business performance;
  • Creation of an unified and updated business processes source.

Discover the Application Governance offerings:

Seeks to identify the level of maturity management of SAP applications life cycle through interviews and system checks.

The entire process is oriented towards mapping the points that require greater attention leading to the prioritization of what should be carried out in the short, medium and long term.

Furthermore, a report and a RoadMap are prepared to direct actions to implement processes and tools to support the operation of SAP applications, according to the best practices established by the Run SAP methodology.


SAP Solution Manager initial configuration service, which includes basic installation, in addition to root cause analysis and remote support tools.

SAP Solution Manager is the standard platform for managing the lifecycle of SAP applications, which plays a strategic and decisive role when it comes to application management.

Therefore, you need special attention with regard to the configuration and installation of the minimum functionalities that allow the operation of your SAP solution.


Service for implementing ITIL V3-based processes and tools for IT service management, such as incident, problem, change and request management.


Designed to improve change requests services, in order to drive the efficiency and punctuality of IT service to implement changes in SAP applications, with minimal impacts and risks, using standard methods and processes that ensure system stability and its processes.


SAP Solution Manager configuration for planning and executing application tests with a focus on the SAP platform. The tool provides a reduction of effort used in manual tests and rework in recurring test scenarios.


The SAP application documentation management service, in Solution Manager, aims to build a documentation center that provides support to business processes and technical information about SAP and non-SAP solutions, in order to guarantee, in a transparent and efficient way, that the knowledge of the processes is centralized and updated with the business evolution.


Service that monitors the availability and reliability of business processes.

The solution offers a wide range of standard monitors for different business areas, as well as application monitors on different integration platforms.


With the Job Scheduling Management tool, it is possible to make requests with the support of standard workflows for approving IT staff changes, documenting, scheduling and monitoring all jobs in a single, centralized location.


With the Technical Operations tool, it is possible to perform central monitoring, alerts, analysis and administration of SAP solutions, allowing customers to reduce TCO through pre-defined content and centralized management tools for all aspects of operations in SAP Solution Manager.

In addition, the tool offers End-to-End Standard functionality and customizations created by customers.


Each customized object generates a certain amount of work and maintenance, reflecting also storage costs in SAP systems.

With the Custom Development Management Cockpit, it is possible to efficiently check the use of objects, such as checking how much time and resources will be required to be reserved when planning an environment upgrade.

With detailed tools and reports in Solution Manager, it is possible to more efficiently guarantee the management of customized objects throughout the SAP environment.


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