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FH’s expertise in business strategy can bring decisive results to the success of your company. Considered by its customers as one of the best options in business management systems, FH has the experience of more than 1,500 projects in more than 30 countries, with efficient work methodologies and recognized by world-renowned institutes, and count on consultants that master the dynamics of different industries and go deep to understand the specific needs of organizations, providing a personalized service and maintaining a close and lasting relationship with customers.


One of the strengths of FH’s partnership is the qualification of its team, which contributes decisively to the quality of its deliverables, meeting deadlines and high level of assertiveness. These strengths result in awards for FH from large-size organizations as a strategic supplier and constant customer referrals. Besides, FH presents immediate solutions with a high level of accuracy, post-delivery support and warranty. And more: At any time of the day, customers find contact channels available for service.

SAP S/4HANA Migration

The migration process for SAP S/4HANA is more than just a system update! It is the opportunity for your company to start its digital transformation and get a next generation ERP enterprise suite.


Is your company prepared for the challenges that this migration process will bring? Discover how to optimize processes and leverage results, with experts in the subject. FH was recognized by SAP as the Best SAP Partner in 2016 in the SAP S/4HANA category.

SAP Implementation

SAP Gold Partner, FH is licensed to market and provide implementation services for SAP solutions. Each implementation brings competitive advantages for companies and greater operation control.


SAP partner since 2007, FH has the expertise of more than 1,500 projects delivered around the world, combining business consulting that can propel your company with the development of technological solutions, overcoming challenges and generating results.


Solution Rollout and Upgrade

The successful implementation of a solution can and should be reproduced in other company units, anywhere in the world! Rollout projects handle activating and setting parameters for the organizational structure and/or business scenarios of a company, center (branch) or warehouse, based on an operational model already implemented and in production in another unit with similar structure inside the same group.


In addition to expansion with rollout projects, you must also update technological solutions. With constantly evolving business needs, FH is a partner for its customers when updating system versions to improve corporate performance.


FH has the required structure, as well as experienced and certified professionals, to carry out Solution Rollout and Upgrade projects in companies worldwide!

SAP Development

In addition to offering adherent projects to several market verticals, FH also provides customizable project development to its customers on any SAP platform.


FH’s proven expertise in ABAP helps their customers to develop unique solutions, that can help them thrive in the digital economy by designing and building custom applications that work on any device.

SAP Software Resale

SAP Gold Partner, FH is a renowned implementation company in the market, and an official and certified reseller of SAP software licenses. The SAP licensing model aims to maximize enterprise benefits inherent to SAP software, providing user licenses and specific suites according to customer needs.


SAP Software solutions enable efficiency and innovation, optimizing business processes and organization management, providing businesses fast return on investment in technology.


SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA is a cutting-edge in-memory platform, which can be implemented on premise or cloud-based. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a secure and scalable offer in SAP’s private cloud. This platform offers all the competitive advantages of SAP HANA in a private and managed cloud-based environment.


Regardless of your company’s scenario, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud uses the latest technology, from infrastructure to building applications.

Business Consulting

FH offers projects to its customers based on expertise acquired in more than 1,500 projects worldwide. To evaluate in-detail the needs of each business, FH’s expertise provides support to develop high value-added services to customers, through an advanced business analysis, enabling assertive decision-making.


Through an innovative partnership, FH offers consulting services aligned to the best segment practices, based on emerging technologies. The team of FH’s Consultants is prepared to serve the most diverse segments, through advanced analysis that delivers assertive and optimized decision-making.

Assignment of Consultants

Seeking to fill all gaps in our customers’ IT teams, FH offers the possibility of assigning consultants who can enhance the existing workforce and ensure success in technological implementations.


This offer solves an issue for many organizations, delivering everyday demands and improvements. The assignment of FH consultants is flexible and enables the customer to contract just one day of consulting services or opt for an agreement for an indefinite period.


FH also offers an option with managed assignment. That is, the customer invests in a package of hours with goals strategically set and has the support of the PMO, Project Management Office, to monitor deliveries.

Tax Projects

The Brazilian tax scenario is one of the world’s most complex and comprehensive. Aware of organizations’ requirements, FH’s tax expertise offers tax projects to its customers, adapted to all business segments, with the resources needed to ensure tax and accounting compliance.