IOT - FH International


FH offers a portfolio of solutions for the Internet of Things. The in-memory IoT platform helps your company develop, implement and manage IoT devices in real-time as well as machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

New opportunities bring new challenges! Check out some essential and required resources to maximize IoT potential:

  • Develop and implement cloud-based IoT applications and facilitate developing, deploying and running applications that leverage the Internet of Things;
  • Connect and control your devices, manage their individual life cycles and control them remotely;
  • Analyze computer and sensor data, and optimize analytical capabilities, to detect patterns in data streams of machines and sensors;
  • Optimize your processes and create new business models using data insights from devices, enabling proper actions on systems and leveraging FH’s IoT resources to offer new types of services.

Learn how FH solutions can help you connect your business in real time, boosting intelligence, from network boundaries to central operations.




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