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FH’s Consulting area is dedicated to increase operational efficiency and bring innovation to companies. With its extensive experience in several market segments, it offers technical solutions and knowledge in proven methodologies and good practices (PRESTO), developing alongside the customer a comprehensive solution to meet its requirements and goals. With a multidisciplinary team and certified consultants, FH is ready to serve the specific needs of each segment.


The successful implementation of a solution can be reproduced in other company units. Rollout projects handle activating and setting parameters for the organizational structure and/or business scenarios of a company, center (branch) or warehouse, based on an operational model already implemented and in production in another unit with similar structure inside the same group.


A successful solution rollout process reduces costs and provides optimization for the company. Rollouts of modules and/or companies within the same country tend to be projects quite shorter than an implementation project.


FH has experience and stands out internationally in rollout projects, assisting in the construction of global templates, supporting or managing local rollout teams. In addition, the company serves multinational organizations interested in establishing its operations in Brazil using the operational model set at its headquarters. Understanding Brazilian peculiarities allows us to add value and security to these clients. Meet some of FH’s rollout customers:


In addition to rollout projects, FH has proven expertise in Solution Upgrade projects. With constant technological changes, companies need to update existing solutions, as this allows them to reduce investments on support and ensures they are in compliance with their country’s tax rules.


These projects typically consist in applying upgrade packages and validating the processes and developments that exist in the environment, to ensure that there will be no impact to the company’s operation in the new version. In this context, upgrade projects can be classified in 3 categories:


  • Technical Upgrade: Focus on software version technical upgrade in order to reduce bugs and ensure support extension from the manufacturer;


  • Functional Upgrade: Focus on reducing system complexity, eliminating customizations by using new features provided in the software’s latest version;


  • Strategic Upgrade: focus on increasing functionalities, enabling new business scenarios and processes provided in the latest version.


For these three categories, FH uses SAP Solution Manager features that lead SAP solution upgrade projects, minimize testing costs and risks inherent in software upgrades. FH’s Consulting team is always prepared to support customers for the best decision and execution of these projects.


The outcome of these solutions is providing personalized service and a close and lasting relationship with customers!

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