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SAP Concur

Did you know that FH is among the few consultancies in Brazil that are authorized to sell licenses and implement the SAP Concur?

Controlling travel costs, expenses and reimbursements to employees is a priority for companies, but many still use outdated processes, spreadsheets and systems that depend on physical invoices, manual approvals and even stamps! If your company is still like that, this is about to change!

SAP Concur is a complete, cloud-based solution that allows your company to integrate T&E processes, control expenses from booking to
reimbursement, monitor and adjust budgets almost in real time, and have a unified view to carry out intelligent management of expenses.

Count on the integration with more than 150 apps, such as Uber, Airbnb and Booking, and with the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other smart technologies, so that your employees and managers have more time to focus on what is most important for the company!

SAP Concur: The evolution in expense and travel management

Manage all sources of spending, across all categories, in one place. By automating processes, you have an integrated vision to control and reduce costs and offer a better user experience.

By using SAP Concur’s smart solutions, it is possible to make a complete reservation, following the policies established by the company, in a few minutes. Concur supports travelers and tools that are good for both the company and the employee.

Having full visibility and cost control is practically impossible for organizations that do not have a solid expense management system. SAP Concur offers dashboards and reports that deliver a complete picture of your spending, so you can monitor trends, comply with policies and eliminate guesswork. Proactive management also indicates non-compliance and fraud before they become a problem.

Know some benefits:

Improved financial control and easier audits

Monitor, adjust budgets and get a unified view of all spending

All requests can be made through the app via mobile device

Cloud environment that provides ease, agility and security

Benefits for both the company and the employee!

Check out some SAP Concur indicators:

of expense reports audited automatically using advanced AI

reduction of travel expense and expense reporting errors

reduction in the audit time of expenses included in the solution

reduction in time to complete an expense report

more employees respecting travel and refund policies.

Optimize your cost management!