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Technology is the products and services division dedicated to meeting the technological demands of the corporate segment, with a focus on exceeding expectations and digital transcendence.


For this it combines technological expertise with the specific knowledge of each industry. This synergy in creating solutions enables the customer to increase their productivity and engagement within the organization, generating the results needed to keep pace with the market.

Digital Commerce Projects

More than a business strategy, being connected to the digital world is a requirement for every company!


FH’s Digital Commerce projects enable companies to transform the way they engage with customers, innovate the way they do business, and simplify their technology structure.  With a comprehensive approach, our solutions offer opportunities to optimize your customers’ shopping experience and transform your business!


Promote, in real-time, significant contextual experiences at all points of contact, and ensure the best online shopping experience for your customers.

Sales and Services Projects

Digital customers require companies to be always one step ahead of them, better informed and present in their favorite channels. The greater knowledge a company has of its customers, greater are the chances of pleasing and serving them, according to their needs and desires!


Hence, companies need to provide perfect purchasing experiences on all communication channels, either in person, by phone, digitally, on social media and mobile devices.


With Sales and Services Projects implemented by FH, you can train your sales and service team for this new business model.



Digital Strategy Consulting

Establishing a culture of innovation is a challenge and a critical job for companies. With this new demand, the need for investments in the digital strategy area is increasing.


Great technological changes have affected the way people establish their social relationships. Digital technology is becoming more and more part of our daily lives and all this evolution has caused people to modify their behavior, their needs and expectations regarding the application of technology in everyday life. This results in more connected and informed customers, frantically migrating from one channel to another in a relentless search for the best purchase. But how to track each customer’s expectations and transform them into a unique and strategic experience?


Helping companies to set their strategies for the digital world and always be one step ahead of the competition, is one of FH’s main skills, which has a specific area focused on Digital Strategy Consulting. This area offers the necessary tools and subsidies for the digital transformation that your company seeks.

Software Development

Since 1999, FH has expertise in application development and offers customized systems through modern software engineering techniques. With a specialized and multidisciplinary team certified by the largest technology companies in the market (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sybase, VMware, among others), FH enables organizations to reduce operational costs and improve the use of human capital while freeing up technology teams to focus on business development and generate value for the organization.

Microsoft Services

FH offers several Microsoft solutions, committed to increase productivity and optimize business inside organizations, in addition to lowering costs, improving customer relationships and providing new business opportunities.


FH is prepared to support companies seeking to optimize technology investments!