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In the corporate world, regulatory challenges happen all the time. Any misunderstanding or divergent information can result in very expensive penalties.


Regardless if information comes from management, financial services, consumer market, technology and telecommunications sectors, industrial markets, government sector, public sector, infrastructure, maintenance, etc., lack of control turns everyday demands into real risks! Therefore, implementing compliance management in the company goes far beyond integrating information. It involves ensuring legal compliance and leveraging your competitive edge!


FH provides the expertise you need for risk management, with a range of solutions that boost business productivity, so benefits can reflect positively throughout the organization!


  • Time optimization;
  • Internal control domain;
  • More accessible information;
  • Secure and integrated database;
  • Risk prevention;
  • Single data source;
  • Traceability of information;
  • Process monitoring and control;
  • Managerial monitoring;
  • Resource optimization;
  • Technological progress;


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Get to know some of our most successful cases




FH won 1st place in the ASUG Impact Awards

During the 23rd ASUG Annual Conference, FH won 1st place in the ASUG Impact Awards, with the project “Verus - Evolução Digital Lebes”, carried out in the Lojas Lebes group. In the project, SAP ecosystem technologies were [...]


One year of GDPR: the impact of data protection in Europe

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FH among the best in ASUG Impact Awards Brazil 2019!

The 2nd place in the ASUG Impact Awards 2019 - Brazil's main award event of the SAP community - was won by FH, with the success case " Belagrícola: Union of technology and the simplicity of the field in a solid foundation [...]


Changes in data privacy laws and enforcement risks to monitor in 2019

GDPR, CCPA and beyond The European Union (GDPR), California (CCPA) and several US states, the US Congress and a countless number of countries have enacted laws on data privacy and are already presenting significant [...]


New Success Case! Belagrícola implements SAP S/4HANA, MDG and GUEPARDO with FH!

One of the largest provider of solutions for the producers, Belagrícola needed to replace the management system with a certified partner that simplified processes in the unification of all the information in the same database [...]


Special Interview with Mr. Ricardo Fachin, FH's CEO

FH's CEO, Mr. Ricardo Fachin, in an exclusive interview, provided valuable insights to both the business process and software market, and to professionals who want to endeavor on the technology sector, and those who want to [...]


Blockchain: A Study Rooted in Reality

A new study from SAP sends this message to the business community about blockchain: It’s time to get real. The distributed ledger technology blockchain is in the early stages of an adoption cycle where its vast potential [...]


Success Case: Sompo Seguros faces market challenges with FH's GUEPARDO Tax Solution

Sompo Seguros needed a strategic partner to optimize the productivity of its tax and accounting department and the delivery of obligations to the Treasury, by integrating and automating processes. Sompo Seguros is a Sompo [...]


Digital Transformation In Governance, Risk Management, And Compliance

These days, there are many Webinars, white papers, and so on relating to digital transformation. And most of them refer to supply chain or finance. But what about governance, risk, and compliance? In a blog I wrote in [...]