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By Industry

FH has the know-how to promote the growth of your company, regardless of the segment in which it operates. We highlight in a differentiated way our expertise in some business segments in which we have greater volume of business and detailed knowledge of processes, solutions and specificities.


The opening of new markets and the exponential growth of Brazilian agribusiness require IT management able to support the modernization of the sector’s operations. As important as tracking prices is controlling inputs, production, processing and distribution, vital cycles for agribusiness.


Each industry has its own challenges, business processes and specific needs. Therefore, FH offers the most diversified solutions to serve each of these segments.


Standardize agribusiness processes, have more efficient controls and generate more profits with the solutions implemented by FH.


The financial market is considered one of the most competitive and versatile in the economy, as it serves different audiences, with different complexities. Processing large volumes of customer data, improving planning, enhancing risk management and creating fast reports is a feasible reality with the integrated solutions implemented by FH.


Knowing how the financial market works is a huge challenge for organizations. There are many business processes and specific needs! Therefore, FH offers integrated solutions to meet the demands of each segment.


Innovate on how your company connects to customers through the solutions implemented by FH.


Understanding how best practices work for the utilities sector in Brazil is paramount to offer increasingly agile processes, as business processes by functional activity directly impact power generation, transmission and distribution companies, as well as water, sanitation and public service companies, reflecting directly in the country’s development.


They are controlled by standards, laws and procedures; thus, public utilities need standardization and efficiency to meet growing and challenging consumer demands.


Reduce operational costs, accelerate the deployment of smart grids, reduce security threats, and more. All this is possible with the solutions implemented by FH.


Each industry has its own challenges, business processes and specific needs, and the service industry is no different.


FH offers diversified solutions to specifically meet the requirements of each segment! Upgrade processes, strengthen customer relationships, increase profitability, keep costs competitive, and generate significant advantages with the solutions implemented by FH for service providers.

Public Sector

The public sector has its own challenges, business processes and specific needs. FH offers diversified solutions to meet the best management practices and drive the Brazilian public sector.


With solutions implemented exclusively for the public sector, it is possible to meet the growing demands for better government services, from accounting, procurement to case management, social services and budget constraints.


Technologies developed for these organizations aim to improve performance and develop programs focused on the population. With extensive experience in this segment, FH offers custom-made solutions to meet all municipal, state and federal levels of the public sector.


The complexity of extremely distributed and constantly changing business networks creates a challenging environment for manufacturers. Producing is not enough, companies must go further, so two factors are required for manufacturing development: anticipate scenarios and elaborate immediate answers to potential non-compliances.


Each industry has its own business processes and specific needs. And FH offers diversified solutions to serve the manufacturing industry.


Find new ways to reach new customers, maximize efficiency of the production process, manage the supply chain, automate and drive your business to profitable growth. All this is possible with FH solutions.


Consumers are increasingly selective and fierce competition has quickly transformed the retail market. To keep pace with this dynamic scenario, retailers of all sizes need to make fast and efficient decisions. Making assertive predictions about consumer behavior changes and adapting to them is critical to the success of your business.


Increase customer satisfaction, optimize inventory and drive sales. All this is possible with the solutions implemented by FH for the retail industry.