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IT Challenges. Who hasn’t been through them?


Living in the business world means going through countless experiences every day. And hard times too!


Demands come up at all times, whether in the production line, inventory, logistics, communication, management, monitoring, cost control, HR routines, finances, at the point of sale, online store, inventory count, number of users, etc. From the simplest to the most complex company scope, how does your IT area control and measure all information? A stagnant process is synonymous with losses.


With the goal of developing customized and responsive technology solutions, stable for customers, Camaleo was designed to meet all IT business demands, regardless of size, environment, industry, location or language. All this in the short term, securely and with low cost.



FAST: It has a structural base of prebuilt features that can double the speed of your production!

STABLE: Over 10 years of experience and hundreds of experts working to deliver a modern, intuitive and secure platform.

SECURE: Secure, tested and validated applications with detailed access profile, rules on all interfaces as well as process and session auditing.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Customizing systems with old technology or ERP customizations cost time and money. Camaleo offers cost-effective productivity gains.

INTEGRATED: From all external systems to operational platforms. Integration streamlines legacy systems and enables the creation of new features.

SMART: Natively mobile, all applications developed in Camaleo are responsive, with intuitive interfaces and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

CENTRALIZED: On a single platform, it is possible to work with portals (supplier portal, employee portal, investor portal, etc.), all in the same application.


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