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Enterprise Cloud Guepardo (ECG) is a cloud solution, developed by FH, structured on four pillars of corporate features ranging from tax compliance to business data analysis, auditing and automation, tailored to the needs of any company, regardless of size, tax solution or ERP used.


Learn what ECG can do for your business:

Maintenance of the database from registration to verification of registration/tax status of business partners, or validation of taxed product/service.

We assist your company in the complete management of a variety of tax documents, from issuance against your company’s CNPJ, to integration with relevant agencies – inbound/outbound service options – API or SAP ERP Add-on.

We transform dispersed data into relevant, accurate and detailed information for assertive decision making and support for strategic business management.

Quality of information passed on to the tax authorities, with procedures to analyze and validate the diagnostic process, mitigate risks and preserve data integrity.


  • ECG has the credibility and reliability of a company specialized in business processes and software, which has been operating since 1999, with 2500 projects in over 30 countries;
  • 80 large companies already use solutions provided by the ECG;
  • Governance and interface for API integration with any ERP;
  • SAP Add-On developed by FH, specifically for process integration and automation between ERP and ECG operations;
  • The modular selling model designed for the ECG allows any business to access only the services it needs;
  • Automation of manual processes and security in the generated data;
  • Initial setup requires little effort;
  • Access to expert support and extensive technical documentation available to the customer.


In the technological age, market changes follow a rapid flow, rapidly changing customer expectations and the form of competition. While legacy systems make change slow and risky, cloud technologies innovate in this context, bringing agility and positive business results.

Therefore, ECG is marketed as a cloud storage service, relieving your company of the responsibility for hardware and application maintenance.

Convenience: Cloud hosting provides agility and easy access to application information and updates.

Economy: IT staff (developers, analysts, support, etc.) can focus on business demands of the company.

Data Security: Security policies, traffic management to ensure APIs and data are protected.

Scalability: High availability and solution stability regardless of the volume of transactions performed.

Meet the ECG and find out why we have the best solution for your business!