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GUEPARDO Tax Software fully meets the demands of the Brazilian Tax Authorities, ensuring agility and efficiency, thus allowing total control of the department and obligations, ensuring compliance in the face of great complexity and the constant evolution of the demands of the Brazilian Tax Authorities.

GUEPARDO allows the treatment and complete calculation of the various taxes, for the delivery of different tax obligations – in the form of reports and / or magnetic files – in a precise and unified manner, totally native to SAP.


# Accessible through standard SAP menus or through the Fiori Launchpad, by the same SAP user, providing queries and reports for reconciliation in the formats of SPEDs and according to the day-to-day demands of the tax department, meeting legal requirements, such as entry / exit registration , own ICMS calculation, ICMS ST, DIFAL ICMS, IPI calculation, PIS / COFINS calculation, CFOP summaries, among others.

 # GUEPARDO uses the same infrastructure as SAP ECC, S / 4HANA or SAP TDF, being installed as an Add-On module.

 # It solves gaps originating from the SAP source, allowing to adjust – through predefined rules – the eventual non-conformities existing in the received tax documents, thus guaranteeing a single and adjusted basis to attend the Fiscal and Tax Compliance.

# It determines and generates the obligations related to ICMS / IPI, PIS / Cofins, IRPJ / CSLL, ISS and Taxes Withheld, in addition to the other obligations that have a direct relationship with them, such as: Dirf, FCI, Reintegra, Siscoserv and others.
# Calculates taxes to be collected – generating payment forms already integrated with the financial module in SAP. In addition, it makes it possible to use credits by controlling – in addition to payments – compensations, monetary updates and accumulated balances, resulting in the generation of the DCTF.

# Accounting in FI of the collection forms, allows automatic accounting in several other stages of the tax process, such as posting adjustments, monetary updates and balances of calculations, also allowing this release to be approved through Workflow based on approval levels.

# Manages ICMS credits (CIAP – block G of the SPED EFD), calculating the contribution and credit values of PIS and COFINS (Block M) of the SPED EFD-Contributions.

# Determines the IRPJ and CSLL in a complete and configurable way, linking to the Reference Chart of Accounts, generating the values of LALUR and LACS, controlling deferred charges; the accounts of part B, additions and exclusions, Interest on Equity, Profit from Exploration, serving companies of Real Profit, Presumed Profit, Immune and Exempt.

# Qualifies the company according to taxation, for the generation of ECF fully compliant with ECD, also making the comparison for better form of taxation – monthly estimate of Profit: Gross Revenue or Balance Sheet Suspension Reduction.

# Summarizes the calculation of Retentions, generating the records for each SPED EFD-Reinf event.

# Determines the services taken and provided, generating municipal obligations in the various required layouts.

# It has pre-validation routines, which, among others, identify non-conformities before final verification, eliminating rework.

# It allows the control and monitoring of tax deliveries through the Fiscal Agenda, assigning responsible for each stage and sending deadline alerts to those interested in the process.

# Archives the findings, making it possible to carry out simulations and has a repository of archives of the deeds and delivery receipts, for eventual inspections and possible rectifications.

# Developed and maintained by a specialized and dedicated team, guaranteeing the evolution in an adherent way to the constant demands of the Brazilian Tax authorities and the business needs of the clients.










As it offers a 360 ° view of the entire tax operation, GUEPARDO is considered the best option to meet the Brazilian tax authorities, being responsible for calculating more than 8% PIB of the country.

Check out the benefits:

# Only software with SAP TDF certification in its entirety, (SPED scenarios with approval in ALL the requirements required in the SAP Certification Test Plan);
# 100% adequate to the Brazilian reality;

# Transaction speed;

# Minimizes risks and fines for non-conformities;

# Promotes fiscal and tax governance;

# Archiving security for data consultation and analysis;

# Compliance with the Brazilian Tax Authorities;

# Constant updates to ensure compliance with the Tax Authorities;

# Management with central monitoring, traceability and data integration;

# Analysis of data in real time and on the same platform;

# Hundreds of ABAP programs for generating tax obligations and support / management reports.



It is not enough to deliver. Your information must be secure and compliant. Talk to our experts and be amazed at what digital transformation can bring to your business!


Choose the most complete tax suíte in the Brazilian market and revolutionize your deliveries with the leader in SAP projects in Brazil!

With GUEPARDO your company has fiscal and tax governance, minimized risks and multiple features that optimize your department’s tax routine!

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