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GUEPARDO Tax Solution was born with its future in mind: to be able to process an increasing volume of calculations with speed required by Tax Authorities, with the necessary flexibility to comply with any industry and company size, and ensure stability of the SAP environment.


When it comes to tax and accounting compliance, it is extremely important to fully comply with Tax Authorities, ensure correct calculation, generation and delivery of federal, state and city obligations, in addition to SPED obligations.



Developed in ABAP, the solution uses all technological resources of the SAP Netweaver platform.





Leader in fiscal and tax governance, the solution uses the same database for calculations, reducing risks and offering multiple functionalities that optimize the business tax routine:


  • Classification of tax documents;
  • Reconciliation reports;
  • Tax schedule;
  • Tax obligation monitor;
  • Tax books;
  • ICMS and IPI Calculation;
  • CIAP Control;
  • GNRE online;
  • State ancillary obligations;
  • Control of goods delivery/return;
  • ICMS Agreement 115/30;
  • FCI – Import Content Form;
  • ISS Calculation;
  • ISS magnetic files;
  • PIS/COFINS Calculation;
  • Calculation of asset credits (PIS/COFINS);
  • Calculation of taxes withheld;
  • State/Federal credit control;
  • PER/DCOMP Management;
  • Generate / control payment slips (DARF, GPS, DAM);
  • DCTF;
  • DIRF;
  • Third-Party revenue report;
  • Transfer Pricing;
  • SPED EFD-Contributions;
  • Chart of accounts reference;
  • IRPJ/CSLL Calculation;
  • Accounting x Tax Integration;
  • EFD-Reinf.


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