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SAP Leonardo is a digital innovation system that integrates breakthrough technologies and runs them seamlessly in the cloud. With FH’s design thinking methodology and SAP Gold partner expertise to help your company rapidly adopt new capabilities and business models, and accelerate digital transformation.


A IoT system applications, SAP Leonardo brings next-generation technologies like machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, advanced analytics, 3D printing, and blockchain.


SAP Leonardo unifies the portfolio of IoT solutions, delivering adaptable applications of big data and connectivity in solution packages for the entire line of business. A digital innovation system that integrates all data with business processes to get a digital chain in real time.



With SAP Leonardo you can integrate all the latest technologies and services into one intelligent system:


SAP Cloud Platform

In-memory cloud platform – which serves as the foundation for all SAP Leonardo technologies.


IoT technology to connect things with people and processes, and take advantage of the Industrial IoT and Internet of Everything (IoE).

Machine Learning

Embed easy-to-consume machine learning capabilities into your business – and take advantage of AI-based insights.



Deploy analytics across your business to uncover better insights – and develop new processes and apps based on intelligence.


Big Data

Connect to, process, manage, and store a wider range of data than ever before – from any source, structured or unstructured.


Design Thinking

Design thinking services such as solution ideation, rapid prototyping, and business case development.



Embed blockchain services into your applications to speed up transactions and increase trust, visibility, and security.


Data Intelligence

Extract insights from a large network of anonymized data. Find ways to solve your business problems, monetize data, and more.




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FH will be present at the SAP Forum Brazil!

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