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FH develops administrative and systemic software that organizes and defines data management processes. Our solutions guarantee high performance, allowing the optimization of operations, in a short time.


A partner of reference companies in the technology market, FH also offers the deployment of software from SAP, IBM and Microsoft.

FH Software

Operating since 1999, FH seeks for challenging projects as part of its DNA. Hence, the software research and development team constantly works on innovative and high-performance products, focused on quality assurance and fast implementation.


In addition to accelerators, our portfolio offers products such as GUEPARDO tax solution – designed to comply with all Brazilian tax obligations at the federal, state and municipal levels; Camaleo (global application platform for solution development) and ECG (Enterprise Cloud Guepardo).

Partners Software

When choosing a business partner for your company, choose one recognized as the best by SAP!


In addition to the partnership with SAP, FH also offers Microsoft and IBM solutions, ensuring the implementation and consulting of smart solutions that increase productivity and collaboration inside companies.