GUEPARDO Update Service - FH International


For quite some time, the Brazilian legislation is seen as one of the largest and most complex in the world.  And keeping up with this level of complexity requires a highly specialized and multi-functional team.

After all, it is not enough to deliver files to the IRS. Information must be properly verified and compliant.

Following the guidelines from Tax Authorities demands time, effort and dedication of specialized professionals. According to the IBPT – Brazilian Institute of Planning and Taxation, every day, on average 46 tax laws are created. Gilberto Luiz do Amaral, Chairman of the Board of Directors and coordinator of IBPT studies, states that “if all these laws were printed in A4 format paper and font Arial 12, it would correspond to 5.8 kilometers of norms”.

It is important to emphasize that each company has its own particularities, which consequently, demands specific taxes. Therefore, GUEPARDO develops a specific scenario according to the user’s needs.

In a platform that combines the best SAP technological practices with our tax expertise, FH offers an update service that optimizes tax accounting routines and is divided in the following steps:

1- Validating key obligations.

2- Generating evidence.

3- Importing requests.

4- Validating DEV environment.

5- Including an external request to a local request.

6- Supporting and transmitting to QAS.

7- Validating QAS environment.

8- Reprocessing key obligations.

9- Releasing for customer tests.


And the advantages are clear!

# Smaller updates are better managed;

# Quick releases mean constant improvements;

# New features can be implemented quickly;

# Real-time compliance with legal requirements;

# As they are performed by the development team, updates are more agile;

# Inspections and adjustments are made actively and not reactively;

# And there are test evidences before and after updates.


Keeping GUEPARDO updated is synonymous with operational efficiency, security and speed for tax calculations.